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Understanding ourselves lecture shows how much evil there is in the world today. People judging others because of the colour of their skin. Racism a highly sensitive topic that has been around for years. The formation of racists groups such as the Ku Klux Klan who had a hatred so strong for black people they encouraged laws, blackmailed local police forces and murdered so many innocent lives because of the colour of their skin. Its hard to believe that this was accepted in society. We have come so far in tackling racism in society however, still to do this day there is still racial bias where people assume the worst from black people which is truly heartbreaking. Its awful that in 2018 issues regarding racism are still ongoing, its as though there is still so much hate in this world.

The story of Emmet Till was awful, he was 14 years old and a white women alleged that he whistled and touched her, 4 days later he was brutally murdered. He was beaten so badly that he no longer looked like himself. At his funeral his mother ensured that he had an open casket, so everyone could see how badly he was beaten. Despite their being sufficient evidence Emmet Till’s killers were not charged for his death. The jury was made up of all white males and they were so racially bias that they let the killers walk free. This is truly shocking that an innocent boy who had his whole life ahead of him was taken away too soon because of the colour of his skin. Sadly, this was they had to face in their everyday lives constantly in fear.

There is so much inequality in this world issues regarding racism, homophobia, sexism and many other issues so we need to come together and stand up for what is right and overcome the evil and hatred there is. This workshop has been a real eye opener and has made me realise that there needs to be more equality and as individuals have more respect for each other. Also, to speak out about issues that aren’t right and report any displays/actions of hate.

Values Reflection

The values workshop was a very eye-opening experience. This is because the task we were giving had an alternative meaning linked to the inequalities of children in education. Each group were giving resources to complete an object that would be useful for a new student on campus and they were then rated out of 10. We thought each group had an equal amount of resources. However, this was not the case as one group had way more than anyone else with scissors, cello tape, paper and pens whereas one group only had paper and a few paper clips.  The first group with the best materials were then favored by the lecturer which was very unfair, considering each group did their best with what they had been giving. This links with the fact that children should not be judged/marked on the materials they have but their effort in the classroom and how the contribute in lessons.

The task highlighted how children all come from different backgrounds. Some children may come from more affluent areas, so they don’t always think that others may not be as lucky as them. Those children living in areas of poverty may only receive one hot meal a day and that is their free school dinner. This is a major inequality and the child’s background can impact their education.  Therefore, as an educator you must be more sympathetic to actions of the child due to what may be going on at home which can emotionally affect them.

This task has truly impacted my views and made me think more about my actions and how to be aware of inequalities that affect many families. The inequalities if not identified/highlighted can negatively affect the child’s education. When identified the teacher can therefore then look out for the child and give them additional help and support when needed.

Fulfilling the Role of a Primary Teacher

Primary school teaching is a profession that I have always been very passionate about as I believe it would be a very rewarding career. This is because I have always enjoyed looking after children as I have a caring and patient nature. I understand that teaching can make a great impact on young children’s lives as they learn essential skills and knowledge however, being a teacher is an opportunity to be a great role model to the children, providing them with support to help their confidence.  Also, someone who the children feel they can trust and go to if they have any worries or problems.

I am eager to study to become a primary teacher and I take great pride in my work and feel my enthusiasm and dedication would help me excel. From my work experience I understand that everyday is different, there are many challenges a teacher can face from which I believe I can adapt to and use logical thinking for the best interest of each child. I am a creative individual which I feel would be an essential skill in primary teaching.