Math’s Anxiety

Math’s anxiety is sadly very common among children and adults. Math’s anxiety is having great fear and worry, when faced with math sums or equations. This is something that I personally faced, throughout primary and high school .I struggled understanding specific aspects within maths. I had to be very dedicated in achieving my national 5 maths. I spent a lot of my time in maths club after school and at lunch times. My maths teacher was very helpful and positive no matter how often I said I couldn’t do it, or I wasn’t good at maths. Without all her help I don’t think I would have been successful in my exam or have developed my confidence. As a teacher one of my aims is to be as encouraging with maths and helped pupils overcome any anxious feelings towards maths.

There is a stigma that people are either good at maths or English. Which is truly false. People may be stronger at one than the other, but it is never the case you can’t be good at both. Maths is very often portrayed negatively in society. This is due to experiences with the subject in school, where individuals felt they did not receive the best support with their struggles. I hope to make maths fun and engaging in learning, as maths is to vital in everyday life. For example, telling the time, dealing with money and division. Without these parts of knowledge in maths it can majorly impact their abilities.

I believe that I can take my experience with maths into a positive influence. That to my pupils they mustn’t worry about making mistakes in maths, as you cannot learn without making mistakes. I will allow them to build their confidence so when they are faced with an equation, they can stay calm and figure out the answer. Therefore, defeat maths anxiety so feelings such as worry , hate, frustration and stress are no longer the stereo type linked to maths. 

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