Fulfilling the Role of a Primary Teacher

Primary school teaching is a profession that I have always been very passionate about as I believe it would be a very rewarding career. This is because I have always enjoyed looking after children as I have a caring and patient nature. I understand that teaching can make a great impact on young children’s lives as they learn essential skills and knowledge however, being a teacher is an opportunity to be a great role model to the children, providing them with support to help their confidence.  Also, someone who the children feel they can trust and go to if they have any worries or problems.

I am eager to study to become a primary teacher and I take great pride in my work and feel my enthusiasm and dedication would help me excel. From my work experience I understand that everyday is different, there are many challenges a teacher can face from which I believe I can adapt to and use logical thinking for the best interest of each child. I am a creative individual which I feel would be an essential skill in primary teaching. 

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