Why Teaching?

There are many reasons as to why I have chose teaching but the greatest one of them all is my passion for learning. I feel it is very important that children learn some of the most essential life skills while they are at primary school. I feel it is the duty of the teacher to ensure that all children within their care are taught key knowledge that will help them achieve their best in the future, as well as giving them life-changing experiences. I chose teaching because I want to help guide our future generations to shape their own individual futures. I feel it is essential to raise the aspirations and opportunities of our young people, this can be achieved through the help and guidance of their teachers’ and so, this is another reason as to why I have chose teaching as my profession. Also teaching is a very rewarding job for the teacher as they are helping future generations become the greatest and most successful people they can be. Being able to help with something that is so important is another reason as to why I have chose teaching. The final reason I have for choosing to be a teacher is that I have a great care for children and thoroughly enjoy working with them; I could not think of any other profession I would enjoy as much as this one.

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  1. Carrie McLennan

    This is a very convincing post about why you want to become a primary teacher – I am sure you have made the right choice!


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