HWB Lesson.

Outcome they are working towards: By investigating food labelling systems, I can begin to understand how to use them to make healthy food choices. HWB 2-36a.

Learning Intentions: I am learning to understand food labelling systems.

Success Criteria: I can identify and understand the colour coding of food labels. I can explain this knowledge to create my own healthy food plate.

Resources: food labels, HWB jotters, food plate, pens/pencils.

Begin the lesson by having a few different food labels on the board and ask children which they think is the healthiest option. Record answers in jotter.

Lay a few examples of food labels on their desks and ask them to determine which they think is the healthiest/least healthy.

Have a class discussion about why they think food labels are coded green, yellow and red.

Once enough knowledge known, ask children to go and create themselves a meal on the plate that is from packaging that is considered healthy. Can use healthy examples for guidance if they need somewhere to start.

End the lesson with paired discussion about how they could make each others food plate more healthy. What could they add? What could they remove and replace? Do you think is balanced?

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