Values Workshop Reflection

From taking part in the Values Workshop this benefited me and my understanding of teaching in many ways. The group that I was in were representing the more privileged children within the classroom, and this was shown by being given the best and most resources to complete the required task. Due to excitement and focus on the task, our group did not even realise that we had been given the most resources in comparison to the rest of the group. This made me realise that this relates to the way more privileged children see things within the classroom. For example, the would not think twice about having a nice pencil case and classroom resources which were given to them by people at home, whereas less privileged children may not have this option as they could possibly not have people that can afford it for them, or they are a victim of child neglect.

The other groups however did notice that they were given less resources than our group and realised they had to make do with what they were given. In fact, our group actually had lots of resources left over that the other groups would have appreciated much more to be able to have them. However, when it came to the point where we needed to present our ideas we began to notice what was going on. Our group was first to show, in which the lecturer was very happy and supportive of us. Then as the other groups began to show, it became more clear that the other groups did not have the same things that we had, and they were also not receiving the same amount of support from the lecturer that we were.

The main message I feel that I took from this workshop is that children need to be given equal opportunities and given the amount of support needed so that they can achieve their own full potential. For example some children may need additional support in comparison to others, and its not that every ingle child should be expected to achieve things all at the same level, but to achieve as much as they can themselves.

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