My Maths Experience

As a pupil, I generally enjoyed maths as a subject. Although I didn’t find it particularly easy, I found joy in the achievement of working out a problem and finding the answer and experimenting with different ways of  solving a problem, figuring out what worked best for me. As I worked my way through school, maths progressively got harder however I was always blessed with very good teachers who made the subject enjoyable and took the time out to provide support and guidance if I needed it. This however all turned around when I reacher Higher maths in 5th year of high school. The huge leap from National 5 was overwhelming for me and on top of this, my teacher changed and I ended up with a teacher who had little patience for people who didn’t catch on straight away, and only provided one way of explaining something. This was very difficult for me, however I feel that it has had a positive effect as I have learned what affected me in a negative way as a pupil, and what affected me in a positive way, and therefore I look to carry this experience forward when teaching younger pupils myself.

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