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Bairns an Books – Braw!

A rare project wis run in Dundee a file syne – fir Book Week Scotland in fact. Junior Scots Ambassadors wis the name o this pilot.

Twa richt fine quines, Elaine Hallyburton and Moira Foster, faa wirk wi Dundee City Cooncil Libraries, ken aw aboot foo tae gaur bairns wint tae read. Their stamagaster o an idea wis tae gie Scots texts tae bairns in P6 and gaur them get eesed tae readin them. Syne, the big bairns went intae P1 clesses an read tae the wee bairnies there.

They hid a puckle o siller, an bocht a wheen o books fir the bairns tae choose fae. They gied them some advice an trainin an aw: A wis lucky eneuch tae be invitit tae help wi that bittie. An the bairns, Scots spikkers or no, were aw fair chuffed wi fit they were daein.

Twa clesses fae Craigowl an ane fae St Clement’s were inno this pilot. Their teachers helpit tae: singin sangs an yaisin Scots wi the bairns tae help wi their confidence.

Dis this soon lik somethin ye could dae yersel? Ye’ll need the books tae begin wi: yer library service micht help here. Yaisin picture books that the aulder bairns mind on fae faan they were wee is nae a bad idea.

Time tae plan is anither guid idea. Mak sure aabidy involvit kens fit ye’re ettlin for an faa is gaun tae dae fit. An mine an plan fir evaluation an aw. Foo will ye ken fit wirkit an fit maun be sortit afore ye dae it again?

Haud gaun! There’s mair nor ae wye tae gaur bairns read. This ane micht wirk fir you.