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Hunner Wird Challenge

Fitna excitin! There wis a lion at ma door iss mornin afore A’d even ae cornflake inno ma mou! Nae a rael lion, richt eneuch. It wis jist ma cattie, wintin in fir a haet up. Faan A openit the door, oor Elsie fair dauncit he wis that hungert. Nae cereal fir him, nor yet parritch. He gets Go cat ilka day an tuna ilka nicht. Mine, iss mornin ma man wis makin his peece faan I opent aat door. The ham wis oot! It didna staun a chance. Oor Elsie wid aet ham tae the beat o a drum!


Yalla Photies

A’m nae affa sure A’v unnerstood iss richt. Bit here’s ma gallery o yalla photies.

Bio Poem

Braw, bletherie and bosiesome
Education Scotland Scots Language Co-ordinator
Loves the leid and learnin
Fair chuffed tae heeze it, yaise it an hear it
Afa feart we winnae yaise it, respect it an we’ll lose it
Fa learnt tae scrieve blogs, in Scots
Fa kens she can dee nae mair nor get better
in Dundee