Tae an Toast an a Blether in Scots

On Tuesday 2nd June, Kirtonholme Primary Schuil in East Kilbride hid a Tae an Toast an a Blether in Scots fae 9.30 til 10.30 in their muckle ha. It did ma hairt guid.

The weans hid been wirkin on The First Warld War an Scots an Warld Waur II. They entertainit freens an faimlie fyle they ate toast an drank tae. The siller raisit fae donations is fir the wirk o Poppy Scotland, wha supports ex-service men an weemen an their faimlies in this countra.

Eifter the spikkin fae grown-ups wis by wi, the weans could tak the stage. Mr Murray Constable’s P5/6 cless cam first. They hid been wirkin on WWI. They gave us a scriptit history o the War, they actit oot fit enlistment wis like an syne ontae the Christmas Truce, wi actin and singin in German an Inglis, wi nae accompaniment. Wi heard a couple o poems read bi the bairns faa hid written them an pen portraits o medal winners they hid researchit. Eifter some information aboot the wirk o Poppy Scotland ilka wean pit doon a wreath fir minin a faimilie member or name-sake faa hid deit in the fechtin.

Neist cam Mrs Wilma McLaughlin’s P4/5 cless faa hid bin studyin WWII an Scots. First they gaurt us think o the ither wars involvin sodjers supportit bi Poppy Scotland. Wi then got a series o wee dramas fae Chamberlain annooncin the War, throwe evacuation, air raids, rationin, Dig fir Victory tae the tae pairties come the eyne o the War. Aw in braid Scots. Aw deliverit wi confidence an pure enjoyment on the faces o ilka bairn.

The hale group jynt fir ‘One Little Voice’ in the hinner eyne. Nae a dry ee in the hoose!

Faimilie and freens wis aw treatit tae rale evidence o the bairns’ lairnin. The Scots wis a natural pairt o fit they hid deen: they can yaise Inglis an aw an switch atween the twa leids wi nae bather.

The staff an weans o Kirtonholme shuid be congratulatit. Fit a rare mornin oot!

Tae and Toast 4

This is a pilot ongaun: mair information aboot hoo tae hae yer ain event can be socht fae http://bit.ly/scotsblether or Diane.Anderson@educationscotland.gsi.gov.uk


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