Yalla Photies

A’m nae affa sure A’v unnerstood iss richt. Bit here’s ma gallery o yalla photies.

7 thoughts on “Yalla Photies”

    1. Thanks. Are there more sessions after the holidays? I feel I am just starting to get the hang of all this!

    1. That is fine – I am bilingual! Thanks for the support.

      A hiv tae say that practice is awthin. Gie it a go. Ye’ll mebbe gie yersel a begake!

  1. Hi Diane,
    Hopefully you got the email, we have a few sessions left to do.
    I’d like a word about podcasting with you sometime? Be great for Scots I think.

    1. Great! On both counts. Are you in Glasgow? I am not there again until 6th/7th May. But we could chat on the phone before then. Want to send a request?

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