Number Talk Strategies

Number sequences and rules, ComplexΒ  Partitioning, Greater Than, Less Than, Columns, Odd/Even, Split Strategy, Dienes, Arrowcards, Rounding, Numicon, Tens Frames, Expanding and Multiplication are just some of the strategies we used to show the value of a number in Number Talk.

All children have worked incredibly hard to secure their knowledge of these different strategies. This is through hard work, determination and perseverance.



Team work makes the dream work

This term in PE we are learning about team work and cooperation in different games and sports. The objective of this activity was in pairs, partner one will pull the hula hoop along the gym floor with a skipping rope whilst partner two runs inside it (without stepping on or outside of the hula hoop!). It was very tricky!! We had to think carefully about following the rules of the game and safety.

The Sound of Music

During Scots Week Miss Mackay took in her violin and played some traditional Scottish music to us. We listened carefully to the music and created an image inside of our heads. When the music played we thought of different memories we had. We drew these memories on paper and shared them with each other afterwards.

We also listened to Ava M play her violin. She regularly attends Big Noise after school club and is currently learning to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We thought she did a fantastic job playing to the class – very courageous too!

Well done, Ava!

Miss Mackay

CSI Workshop


P4 had great fun with the CSI Workshop from real Scientists who came along from Abertay University. We learnt about DNA and Forensics, why it is important to wear body suits at crime scenes and blood splatter. It was very interesting and we really enjoyed the workshop!

Number Talk πŸ”’βž•βž–βž—βœ–οΈ

Number Talk… What is it?

What is Numicon? What are Number Rods? What are Arrow Cards? These are all Numeracy resources/ strategies that we use in P4. Since the start of term we have becoming more confident in representing and showing the value of numbers using different resources/ strategies. Number Talk provides children the opportunity to do this but also to develop their mathematical language. It has also helped our p4 pupils to work cooperatively and to peer assess their partners work.

Every morning we start our Numeracy lesson with Number Talk as part of our mental maths. Today we have just introduced our 9th resource/ strategy, Ten Frames. The children grasped the concept of this strategy very well and were able to confidently show the value of numbers and talk about solutions.

Miss Mackay 🌟

“Miss Mackay, we are rectangles!”

In PE we have been developing our core movement skills. These range from running, throwing and catching, to balancing and control body movements.

As our topic is based around the Circus we have been working on balancing acts and creating sequences with partners. Here are pictures of some P4 pupils showing excellent control in their balances – some of which were for longer than 3 seconds…. and one handed (Kyle)!!

Also, making a link with their shape learning. Next weeks challenge is a triangle in groups of 3!

Super effort everyone πŸ™‚


Miss Mackay