My Learning Journey

My Learning Journey – MA2
…Second time around! 

This time last year I stated, and I quote:
“Being an undergraduate student provides opportunities to learn, develop, gain experience and demonstrate work ethic; it is an opportunity to be fulfilled and endeavoured.”
And that is what I’ve done and continue to do. First year was challenging in many ways, as it was all new, all the experiences were new: moving to Dundee, matriculating as a University student, meeting new people, starting those scary things called lectures, submitting assignments in a form you’ve never had to do before! It was all new at that time, one year ago, but now it’s second nature.

First year entailed many academic challenges – for example, Harvard Referencing took some time to thoroughly understand, which, I would say, is still an ongoing and developing skill of mine. The next challenge, figuring out the ePortfolio we were presented with, to record personal and professional reflections, ideas and views. Placement was also a challenging element of the course itself, as every day I was faced with something new to learn or experience. I say this was challenging, but the six-week placement period was an extremely valuable learning experience and confidence-grower!

Now, as an MA2 student, I can say my confidence has grown throughout first year and I’m excited for what second year of the course entails…

My Learning Journey – MA1
…How did I get here? 

I am a first year Undergraduate student beginning my study in the MA (Hons) Education Programme. I arrived here by developing my skills and knowledge in this field of study, by completing a professional practice work placement in a Primary School. Completion of this experience was a significant element in contributing to my achievement of the HNC Early Education and Childcare course, an experience I am privileged to have had.

I feel extremely appreciative to have been given the opportunity to pursue a career in Education and beginning this learning experience in the MA (Hons) Education Programme at University of Dundee is something that excites me. I am enthusiastic about being faced with challenges in the four years ahead and throughout my future career and I am determined to face and fulfil the opportunities and advantages of being an Undergraduate student at University.

As an opposing level of academic study in comparison to High School or College, I understand the standards and expectations as an undergraduate student at University are highly important. The expectations of myself as well as my peers deserves acknowledgement and understanding, as we are not only undergraduate students; we are representatives of University of Dundee.

I understand and appreciate the MA (Hons) Education programme of study will rightfully require commitment, optimism, work ethic and a thirst for knowledge, as we, as undergraduates develop ongoing professional areas and prepare to earn a teaching qualification.

Being an undergraduate student provides opportunities to learn, develop, gain experience and demonstrate work ethic; it is an opportunity to be fulfilled and endeavoured. 


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