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Scotland celebrates Year of Coasts and Waters in 2020/2021 with a focus on Natural Environment & Wildlife, Historic Environment & Cultural Heritage, Activities & Adventure and Food & Drink.

Invite an RNLI Education volunteer to your school to deliver a free workshop or access RNLI resources.

Discover Data Science Resources available to schools from The Data Lab Innovation Centre.

See the latest range of interactive STEM, maths and digital resources on My World of Work Live.

Could you lead climate education in your school? Check out the Climate change Teacher Training Academy

New case study Learn how Sunflower Family Nurture Centre is promoting STEM for learners, families and the community

COP26 – Glasgow to host the UN Climate Conference in 2020 with 200 world leaders and 30,000 delegates attending.

Start a STEM club – see this support pack for ideas and guidance.

CodeBase programmes and events for learners are available throughout Scotland.