Improving Gender Balance and Equalities news

STEM: improving gender balance, equity and equality – understanding who feels STEM is ‘right’ for them and why.

This clip from the BBC documentary No More Boys and Girls illustrates how gendered thinking can influence the toys children are offered.

Reflect on classroom practice with this 10 tips for inclusive teaching poster from the Institute of Physics.










Explore this recent Gender equal play in early learning and childcare resource from the Care Inspectorate and Zero Tolerance.

This resource offers advice for ensuring equality and diversity are promoted in the development & selection of resources

The IGB literature review gives an overview of the research, with points for professional discussion and ideas for practice.











Have you seen this research briefing looking at gender balance in STEM subjects at school?

Women in STEM: An intersectional analysis of multiple discriminations – a report highlighting women’s experiences of multiple discrimination in STEM  

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