Enhancing professional learning in STEM grants 2018-2020

The Enhancing Professional Learning in STEM Grants Programme was launched in October 2018 to build the capacity and confidence of practitioners and to support the implementation of the STEM Education and Training Strategy for Scotland.

The STEM Grants Programme has two funding streams.  These are as follows:

  • The Leadership and Collegiate Learning Fund is for professional learning developed and led by practitioners, centres and settings to meet their own needs.
  • The Regional and National Partner Fund is for larger scale projects operating across authorities, regions and nationally.

To date Education Scotland has funded over 160 exciting professional learning projects designed to support practitioners with STEM across all sectors including early learning and childcare, primary, secondary, community learning and development and school-based technical support staff.


STEM Grant Programme Case Studies Front CoverSTEM-grants-programme-round-1-case-studies

A number of case studies from Round 1 of the Enhancing Professional Learning in STEM Grants Programme have been collated. These case studies cover a range of sectors; describe the project’s impact on learners and practitioners in addition to highlighting key learning. The case studies can be accessed by clicking on the document image or the link above.





STEM grants overview 2019/2020

An overview of the 140 successful applicants from Round Two.  You can filter this briefing by organisation, region, theme and sector to find out about the STEM related professional learning opportunities happening near you.




STEM grants overview 2018/2019

This briefing provides an overview of the 24 successful applicants who were awarded a total of £187,000 grant funding in Round One of the Enhancing Professional Learning in STEM Grants Programme.