Endorsed professional learning programmes

Professional Learning Programmes funded through the Enhancing Professional Learning in STEM Grants Programme are eligible to apply for endorsement by the Professional Learning and Leadership Team within Education Scotland.  This means they are recognised nationally as being of a very high standard in supporting the practitioners’ professional learning in line with the national model for professional learning. Details and information to support your application for endorsement can be found here.


In session 2019/20 Larbert High School’s successful STEM Family Learning programme, led by Rebecca Elliot, was the first of its kind to be endorsed. This programme was funded through the Leadership and Collegiate Learning Fund as part of the Enhancing Professional Learning through STEM Grants Programme.  Details of the programme which helps to build practitioner skill, knowledge and confidence in how to run a STEM Family Learning can be found here and on the National Improvement Hub.



A number of programmes funded through the Regional and National Partner Fund as part of the Enhancing Professional Learning through STEM Grants Programme have also been endorsed.



Examples of these include The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) programme. This  programme equips practitioners with skills, knowledge and confidence about Scotland’s food and drink sector and an understanding of the relevance of STEM and sustainability across the farm to fork chain.  It provides tools for classroom use and up-to-date information on employer skills and progression pathways in this sector.


The Numeracy Champions Collaborative in Clackmannanshire has also been endorsed. Evidence-based research has identified that the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach to pedagogy and practice develops a deep and sustainable understanding of numeracy and mathematics. This programme ensures the highest quality of learning is focused on approaches that can be applied ‘in action’ in the classroom, to deepen curricular, pedagogical knowledge and design, to lead and extend learning.


The Safe and Empowered: Responding to a Digital Generation programme has been endorsed. This programme offers free face-to-face and online learning for teachers in Scotland about online safety and digital citizenship. It covers the latest tech trends and safety issues, curriculum links and materials, professional skills and key resources to support teachers.

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