Starting BA1 Education

Last week I started my first year at the University of the West of Scotland, where I will be studying education for the next four years. Before starting I was apprehensive as it felt like I was starting school all over again and the task of making new friends was slightly frightening after being comfortable with your friends from school for so long. However, starting this new chapter of my life was exciting and I am looking forward to what the next four years at the university will bring. When starting the course, I was glad that the lecturers went into detail about each module as it provided me with a clearer insight to the course, it was also useful to hear from two of the BA2 students that had went through the same experiences the year before. After the induction week I was very excited to start each module specifically the modern foreign language as Spanish is something I have never done before and will help me develop my skills in foreign languages.   

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