Summary Blog – Week 11

I have now come to the end of my digital technologies module and have enjoyed every week. Over the past 12 weeks I have learned a lot about digital technologies I didn’t know previously and further developed my knowledge on ones I was familiar with. I whole heartedly believe that the knowledge I have learned from this module will stay and benefit me in my future career as technology is ever expanding.

Even though I believed I was confident in using digital technologies this module has further increased my confidence in understanding how technology can be beneficial in the classroom and the impact it has on teaching in the 21stcentury. This module works well in line with the Scottish Governments goal of “developing the skills of our educators” as it has provided me with a firm understanding of technology in the classroom that I can use in my future years of practice (Scottish Government, 2016).

This module has given me the opportunity to see how we now need to plan for “Digital Natives” in today’s schools, as children are entering school with a much higher knowledge of digital technologies and as educators, we need to harness that and further develop on it (Prensky, 2001). The main thing I learned from this module was that digital technologies can be used in any curricular area and not just an area by itself. From my own experience from school, technology was only used during ICT time or as a special treat. Now I strongly believe that technology should be used frequently unlike my own experience.

Throughout the 12 weeks we had to write a blog for every session we attend, and I found this slightly repetitive which led to me letting them pile up for a couple of weeks. I now have realised that if I find something repetitive, I won’t be as motivated to do it, however I kept on writing them and managed to catch up. This has pinpointed something for me to work on, which I might not have noticed if I hadn’t have taken the time to reflect on why I wasn’t keeping on top of them. Through writing the blogs I was able to develop and work on my reflective practice, which I feel has helped further my skills which I will need as a teacher, as teachers need to reflect on their own practice almost daily.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the module and it has created some standout memories that will stay with me for a long time. My main standout memories are seeing our animation video coming together to make an amazing end product and my struggle with Minecraft – I am not a gaming person.

Thank you for reading my blogs I hope you have enjoyed having an insight into the past 12 weeks.



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