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Den Building at Uni!


Group and Leadership

Everyone took this opportunity to work as a team. Instead of giving someone the responsibility of being the leader we used our individual strengths to provide the best result. This method was effective as it ensured that everyone was working together and included in the task. Strengths were highlighted for example the tallest team members worked together to create the roof of the den. The most challenging part of the task was agreeing on the most appropriate place and deciding on what structure to use to create the den.


Any ideas or solutions were communicated successfully throughout the group. As we were in a practical environment use of materials and surroundings helped team members clearly share their ideas. Lack of planning may of restricted our den, as we had no time to plan the materials needed for the den the group had to depend on materials found outside instead of man made ones.


The environment meant our communication improved, everyone had to speak loud and clearly to be heard in the conditions, as well as the use of the materials to help explain our ideas. Planning and preparing for the task in advance may improve the quality of the den as some ideas may not of been executed due to the distraction and noise of other groups. As the we were in small groups it helped us overcome distractions of the environment as its easier to share ideas to a smaller audience.


Our negotiation was to gain a piece of equipment from another team. We were unsuccessful as every group had already used all materials for their den, therefore became unwilling to change anything. This was challenging due to lack of materials.

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