Liping Ma defines the Key principles of mathematics as:
• Interconnectedness
• Multiple perspectives
• Basic ideas
• Longitudinal coherence

The principle I will be focusing on in this post is the idea of multiple perspectives in mathematics. Looking into this topic I found a talk by Roger Antonsen who believes mathematics is made up of patterns which he addresses as being connections which you need to find in order to understand. He explains this idea of finding patterns everywhere by considering the different methods of tying a tie and shoe laces.
He begins looking into different perspectives by looking into a simple equation x+x= 2x. The equals sign in this equation shows the break of the two different perspectives. This can be seen through all mathematical equations as something equals something else meaning you are looking at the same thing from two different perspectives.
To strengthen his idea of perspectives and understanding of mathematics giving a greater understanding of the world by looking into the number 4/3. He began looking at the number from the perspective of a decimal then changes the base system to show different perspectives. He then uses lines going around circles at 4/3 and uses then to draw the ‘image of 3/4’.
He then looked at the number from a musical perspective creating the sound of 4/3 then the beat of 4/3. He then looks at the shape created by 4/3 which is an octahedron. He shows how changing perspectives of a shape and taking it apart and reconstructing you learn more about the object.
This talk helped me to understand the importance of perspectives in mathematics as you can never fully understand until you are willing to explore different avenues. If someone is telling a story from one perspective you aren’t getting the full story with all the information which is why it is necessary to have different angles from different people. Therefore, I have grown to understand the importance of perspectives not only in mathematics but in the world around us.

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