What Does SEIC Offer?

SEIC Bespoke Offers New
QAMSO Creative Learning Storyline Numeracy: Operations and Problems SEIC Associates Research Schools/ELCs Learning Schools IQIP Project Literacy: 2nd Level Writing Digital Schools Award Connector SDS Project SCQF Project Tutor Support Play Pedagogy: Support and Sprint Youth Work and Schools


In partnership with Education Scotland, SEIC delivered a 12 hour ‘train the trainer’ programme for QAMSOs to enable them to provide professional learning for practitioners in each of the stages. SEIC QAMSO Network and LA leads will be supported to ensure collaborative working amongst QAMSOs to support a consistent approach to learning, teaching and assessment across the South East

Creative Learning Storyline

Two target schools per authority have the opportunity to engage with high quality creative learning to influence practice. Includes delivery of training and support package, evaluation of impact and pre/post course follow-up.

Numeracy: Operations and Problems

Following ‘universal’ professional learning provided by Gareth Metcalfe to school numeracy leads across SEIC, schools whose data and improvement plans indicate a further requirement for bespoke support to complement this PL can connect with SEIC through local QI teams in local authorities. Possible areas include the journey of an operation (including problem solving) from early to third level to address gaps in learning experienced by pupils who may have been disproportionally impacted by school closures due to factors such as EAL, living in poverty, ASN, etc.

SEIC Associates

Targeted improvement support through professional learning. SEIC Associates are senior leaders who provide support to identified settings. Ongoing support and funding is provided to enable SEIC Associates to work alongside improvement teams in their own and other local authorities as part of the quality improvement process.

Research Schools/ELCs

Tailored support for schools and settings. The programme provides support with school improvement plans though an enquiry-based approach. Includes targeted professional learning and ongoing support in enquiry and research, and collaborative working with research schools network and partner organisations. Funding allocated for resources and supply cover if required.

Learning Schools

Pairing Schools with a focus on Equity

IQIP Project

A new collaborative learning programme on offer this year, which builds on the SEIC IQIP projects from last session, with a shared aim of increasing and sustaining positive destinations for those most at risk of missing out. A number of secondary schools in each SEIC local authority will be supported by SEIC & CYPIC to consider the barriers being experienced and to explore a range of ideas and potential solutions. The programme will enable shifting of outcomes using QI methods. The programme will begin in the summer term and continue into next session.

Literacy: 2nd Level Writing

Bespoke offer to one or two cluster areas in each local authority to help raise attainment through common teaching and moderation processes in writing at second level. Professional learning and support resources will be provided by the SEIC and Education Scotland teams to primary and secondary practitioners who will together on specific text types.

Digital Schools Award Connector

Programme of targeted support to help schools/settings achieve the Digital Schools Award for Scotland (DSAS). Comprised of six one-hour sessions on aspects of the DSAS criteria, delivered in partnership with DSAS, alongside local authority drop-in sessions. Cohort one, comprised of 55 schools/settings, aim to achieve the award by June 2022.

SDS Project

With a focus on consistency of best practice when working to increase positive destinations, for those most at risk of missing out, the Skills Development Scotland project has involved sharing framework documents and approaches linked to the 16+ Database.

SCQF Project

Increasing positive destinations for those most at risk of missing out, including care experienced young people.DYW Live events- launchpad event in January 22 focusing on key adults involved in the course choice process.  Improving the quality of learner conversations; supporting young people with choices and changes; building capacity of young people to make decisions about lifelong learning by raising awareness of SCQF at school and learner level. School ambassador programme – focusing on young people.  School involvement and engagement in the SCQF ambassador programme, enhancing understanding of the course choice pathways and how utilising the SCQF can develop positive pathways for young people.

Tutor Support

TutorEd is a collaborative project between the SEIC and the University of Edinburgh, providing tutoring to support attainment of senior phase pupils.

This programme of support recognises the significant barriers and challenges some young people face and provides additional academic support to help them to thrive. TutorEd aims to:

  • Increase pupil confidence and enjoyment in (tutored) subject area
  • Build positive role model relationship between tutor and tutee with opportunity for wider discussion about higher education
  • Improve academic performance and attainment for young people

TutorEd works alongside the QMU tutoring initiative in place in East and Midlothian. TutorEd is available in a number of schools in Borders, Edinburgh City and Fife.

Play Pedagogy: Support and Sprint

Pedagogy Pioneers, experienced in developing play pedagogy within their own settings, will deliver a series of supported sessions running throughout the school year. The Pedagogy Pioneers will deliver input on play pedagogy and research, signposting to relevant professional reading and leading professional discussions which will support practitioner learning. Practitioners will take their new learning and implement changes in their setting. Pedagogy Pioneers will mentor/coach individual practitioners using virtual platforms to deliver this peer-to-peer support.

Youth Work and Schools


Effective partnerships between youth work and schools can support improved attainment outcomes for young people. This partnership work involves the facilitation of practitioner enquiry with schools and youth work providers (CLD and third sector) in three school catchment areas within the region, to help:

•       Gather insights about enablers of and barriers to effective partnership working to support attainment in their local context.

•       Learn more about the range of support that youth work can offer locally to complement school based provision

       Work together to track progress and evaluate the impact of youth work in these areas