We know it has been an unusual year for us all and we are so proud of all that pupils have learned and overcome.

Due to COVID, the exams have been cancelled for this session and results will be determined following the SQA Alternative Certification Model. Schools base this on evidence of ‘demonstrated attainment’. This refers to the assessment evidence that shows the learner has the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to be awarded their grade for the course. You can read the latest update here: SQA Alternative Certification Model Information from Parents/Carers

With this in mind, SEIC would like to share a range of resources, which compliment those resources from the learners’ own school or local authority, to support our Senior Pupils in their assessments.

E-Sgoil and West OS make two key elements of the Nation

al e-Learning Offer (NeLO) the image below shows a breakdown of the offer. More details and links for these resources can be found further down the page.


Learners can also access all of the West OS resources through the West OS tile on your GLOW launchpad. There are now over 1800 short videos for many different subject areas and qualifications. Some of the videos from the e-Sgoil Easter Study Support live lessons are now available on West OS. Learners can search using levels and subjects.

West OS are also creating a range of easy access interactive Pdfs which learners can click and it will take them to relevant West OS videos and additional resources for that topic. Learners need to log into West OS which they can do using their Glow credentials. Have a look at some of the resources below.

As part of the National e-Learning Offer, e-Sgoil is pleased to offer a wide range of live, interactive study support webinars which will run from 26th April – 6th June 2021. Catering for National 4 through to Advanced Higher, this programme of 49 webinars is designed to complement and support teaching & learning delivered by learners’ own schools in preparation for assessment.

All sessions are delivered through MS Teams via Glow, last 45 minutes and build on flipped learning materials shared in advance. Full details and a link to the booking form can be found here:

Please note that anyone having difficulty accessing the booking form should first sign into Glow and then open the link above in a new browser tab.

SQA Past Papers

The SQA website offers free access to SQA Past Papers are available for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher for all SQA National Qualification subjects. Learners can access a copy of the exam past paper and the relevant marking instructions for the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 papers.