NATE 53rd Conference: call for research papers

NATE members in Scotland are encouraged to offer research papers for the NATE conference.  Details below.  NATE conference is an excellent event that is guaranteed to stimulate and energise you and your English teaching.  It would be great to see a strong Scottish contingent at Stratford-upon-Avon this year!

The proposal form can be obtained from Amy Forester (address below) or from Raymond Soltysek at .


National Association for the Teaching of English

53rd Annual Conference

All The World’s a Classroom


Friday 24th June to Saturday 25th June 2016


Proposals are invited for research papers and poster presentations for NATE’s national conference in 2016. The deadline for proposals is Monday 22nd February Proposers will receive feedback by Monday 28th March.

The research strand of the conference will take place on Saturday 25th June. We invite contributions from both experienced researchers and from research students and classroom teachers wishing to try out ideas or present their work for the first time. Thereforee proposals are welcome from both classroom teachers undertaking action research in their own educational settings, as well as from those engaged in research leading towards post-graduate qualifications at Masters or Doctorate level. Indeed anyone involved in research related to teaching and learning within English is welcome to submit a proposal.

Our vision is for the research strand to incorporate all forms of research in English Education, from small scale, teacher led projects, to larger scale studies. The event will embrace and celebrate all forms of research; from small scale classroom research to academic, university led research. We would also welcome presentations that combine the two, taking inspiration from evidence based research and then demonstrating how this can be used in the English classroom, primary or secondary, which has had a positive impact on students.

A variety of time slots will be available to provide speakers with the best opportunity to share their interests, ideas, findings and to take questions from delegates. It is envisaged that these will range from twenty minutes to more extended time periods al, and proposers are advised to indicate on the form their preferred allocation. It is envisaged that the research strand of the Conference will operate largely as group sessions, enabling delegates to listen to a range of speakers. Given the flexible nature of this, final details of the structure will be dependent on the number and nature of the proposals and these will be communicated to those invited to present.

Presenters are also invited to consider submitting a version of their work to NATE’s journal English in Education.

Proposals should be emailed to NATE’s Research Officer, Amy Forrester, and copied to NATE’s Director, Paul Clayton.

Amy Forrester: NATE research officer:

CC to:

Please include your name when creating the file name.

Further guidance on research sessions is available from Amy Forrester. Please do get in touch if you wish to find out more about the session. We would love to hear from you.

“A Day of Research: 50 Years after Dartmouth, what is English today?”

You may also be interested in the IFTE and NATE collaborative research symposium event “A Day of Research: 50 Years after Dartmouth, what is English today?” on Sunday 27th June at the same venue as the NATE conference.

For more information about this event, please contact Professor Andy Goodwyn, President of IFTE, Professor of Education at University of Reading:

Please note: NATE are unable to fund attendance, travel or accommodation for speakers.





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