Welcome to SATE!

This is the first blog post of the Scottish Association for the Teaching of English (SATE).  Affiliated to the UK-wide NATE, we hope to offer teachers of English in Scotland a professional association that provides them with the opportunities to network professional learning in the context of professional update while also giving them a voice in the formulation of policy that directly affects the teaching of English in Primary and Secondary classrooms.  You can read more about us here:


We have plans for Teach-Meets around the country, using this blog to publicise and report on events members have organised and attended.  We hope in the future to run a major conference in Scotland in 2017, and to encourage action research in the classroom.  To do this, we need your help.  First of all, join NATE.  An individual or departmental membership provides access to journals of the latest research and magazines publicising the latest classroom practice.  Then – participate.  Gary Snapper of NATE is keen to receive items about classroom practice in Scotland for the Classroom magazine, and SATE hopes to form a Teacher Education committee with top academics from universities to support the publication of your classroom research. If you have any ideas for blog posts, please submit them to the Regional coordinator. And, by all means, if you are interested in furthering the development of a strong professional association in Scotland and would like to coordinate events in your local authority, contact any of the SATE officials below.

This is, potentially, an exciting time for English teachers in Scotland.  If you would like to know more, visit NATE at their national website (https://www.nate.org.uk/), or contact any of the following SATE officials.

SATE Regional coordinator: Raymond Soltysek  raymond.soltysek@strath.ac.uk

Highland Local Authority coordinator: Tom Coles tomcoles@gmail.com

Perth & Kinross Local Authority coordinator: Kerry Fraser kerryfraser@pkc.gov.uk

South Lanarkshire Local Authority coordinator: Susan Brownlie sbrownlie@st-a-and-st-b.s-lanark.sch.uk

North Ayrshire Local Authority coordinator: Jane Wilson gw15wilsonjane@ea.n-ayrshire.sch.uk

Glasgow Local Authority coordinator: Nuala Clark gw15clarknuala@glow.sch.uk

North Lanarkshire Local Authority coordinator: Katie Lane mrslaneenglish@gmail.com

Have a wonderful holiday and we hope to meet you soon!