Communication in Other Environments

On Tuesday, our workshop task was to go outside and build a den with a group of people who we would not normally work with to enhance our communication skills and to work better as a team.

There was no group leader, however, my group and I were able to agree or disagree on resources that we required and the structure of our den.  I personally feel that there were no challenges when working with my group as we all worked together and helped each other.

A few  “Purposes of Explaining” that I feel my group achieved would be “to simplify a complex idea” because we thought carefully and decided as a team where we would use certain materials to create our den and chose a location that would be easy to work with. Another purpose that was achieved would be “to express opinions regarding particular attitudes, facts or values” as all members of my team and I were able to contribute our opinions about our den.

The only challenge with working outside was that it was a bit windy sometimes, so we had to make sure our den was as strong as we could make it! There were also moments where we could not hear one another properly as there was chatter from groups nearby us.

We did not negotiate with the other groups as we had collected most of the resources available to us at the beginning of the task and were keen to use all of them!

From Hargie, O. (2011) Skilled Interpersonal Communication. 5th Edition. London: Routlege

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