Why teaching?

Ever since I was a child I always dreamed of being a primary school teacher. I would set up all my teddy bears in a circle around me, hold up a sheet of paper and explain an imaginary worksheet. I wanted to be like my teachers in school. My teachers inspired me, they always motivated me to do the best I could. They celebrated my success and supported my weaknesses. My teachers cared about me. They wanted to see me succeed. I always wanted to be the caring, helpful and inspiring teacher. The teacher that pupils would not be afraid to turn to for help.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in both primary and secondary school, which has motivated me to want to give others the same delightful experience in school. I want to have a classroom that is a fun and creative learning environment. I have always had different learning styles, primarily aural and visual learning styles, through which I would want to embed in my future classes. I am excited to use the many different teaching approaches to cater to the different learning styles of children.


Furthermore, teaching is a very rewarding profession. I have experienced this first hand in my work experience. Whenever I seen that a child was struggling I gave them extra attention to ensure that they would be able to understand the work. Many times I had seen that when children understood and were able to do the work, they had a smile across their face as they raced through the next questions with enthusiasm. From this, I learned that teaching is a very satisfying and fulfilling profession.

Throughout secondary school I volunteered for several years and still continue to volunteer every summer in a local summer youth club. Every year I look forward to the days were I’ll be engaging with the children, living out my gift, and my dream. Furthermore, I have an excellent rapport with children and I have always received great feedback from professional youth workers and teachers. I wanted to continue working with children, so I volunteered for more and more summer clubs each year which grew my passion to work with young children and my desire to be a teacher.


My desire to pursue a career in teaching was born out of my personal learning experience, from the beginning of primary school, together with my natural ability of being able to communicate effectively with young children. Teaching provides rewards such as inspiring children and seeing them grow and develop. I am so thrilled to now be embarking on my dream journey to be a primary school teacher!

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  1. Carrie McLennan

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I particularly like how your describe your teachers’ actions in your first paragraph – about how they cared about you and celebrated your successes. You have really highlighted the relationship aspect of effective teaching.


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