New S1’s FAQ’s

Starting Rosshall? This list of frequently asked questions should help you to get prepared!

  1.  What do I need to wear?
At Rosshall, we expect all pupils to arrive in school uniform as follows:
    • White shirt/blouse
    • Black trousers or skirt
    • Rosshall school tie
    • Black shoes or trainers
Rosshall school ties can be purchased at the school office who are open during the summer holidays 10am-3pm. Ties cost £3.
In addition to this, pupils can wear:
For PE, pupils are expected to wear a Rosshall PE T-shirt with black shorts, leggings or joggers. All new S1 pupils will be given a PE T-shirt by their teacher when they arrive. Additional PE t-shirts can be purchased via Academy Uniforms. Pupils should also have trainers to wear for PE. PE will mainly be outdoors and may get muddy so dress appropriately!
  1. What do I need to bring?
In your school bag, you should have:
    • A bottle of water
    • A pencil and rubber
    • A snack for interval
You will be given jotters by your teachers and in many classes you will be expected to take these home with you and bring them in each time you have that subject. You do not need coloured pens, pencils etc as teachers will supply these if you’re using them in class – but if you have your own, you’re welcome to bring them.
You don’t need PE kit on the first day – once you’ve got your timetable you should bring your kit on the days you have PE.
  1. What happens on the first day?
On the first day, you will go to the S1 playground for a 9:00am start. The S1 playground is round the back of the school and senior pupil Prefects will guide you to where you need to go. You will be told your class and your House. The tutor for your class will collect you and take you to their room. You will then spend the first hour with them. They will give out your timetable and answer any questions you have about Rosshall. You’ll also have a chance to start getting to know the other 19 pupils in your tutor group.
After this, the pupil Guides for your class will collect you all and take you to your next subject. They will be with you at the start and end of every period and will become very familiar faces! They will make sure you get to all your classes for the first few days or so until you know your way around the school.
  1. What happens at lunch?
All S1-3 pupils have lunch at the same time. You can bring a packed lunch and eat it at the tables outside in the S1 playground (or inside if it’s a wet day). You can also get lunch at the school cafeteria. All pupils will be issued with a Q-Card on the first day and shown how to use these. If you had a free lunch at primary school, you will also have it at secondary and will be able to use your Q-card to buy lunch (up to £1.90) from the first day. If you do not get a free lunch, you should bring a small sum of money with you to put onto your Q-card – you’ll be shown how to do this.
From October the school will be using ParentPay to pay for lunches and any other activities online – info on this can be found here.
  1. Can I use my phone?
If you are bringing a phone to school, it should be kept in your bag. You can use it at lunchtime and interval if you need to, but we would discourage this. Lunchtime and interval are a good time to start to get to know new friends and to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  1. What if I get lost?
Don’t worry! Our Prefects and all our teachers will check your timetable and make sure you get to the right place. Ask any of them if you’re unsure.
  1. What if I need the toilet?
You’ll be shown where the toilets are during the first day. Use them at interval and lunch. If you need to go to the toilet at another time, ask your teacher politely. Try to make sure you always go at the breaktimes though so you’re not out of class unnecessarily.
  1. Any other questions? 
Please contact Ms Drennan, DHT and S1 Year Head on