Senior Phase Home Learning

In the Senior Phase, learning is tailored to each individual pupil’s need according to level. As such, each faculty has developed a method of communicating work with learners via a Digital Platform. Pupils are now familiar with this way of working and are engaging well and all have the i-Pads to support Apps such as MICROSOFT TEAMS and SHOWBIE. These apps can be downloaded/accessed on smart phones, laptops/PCs and tablets.




Pupils may be required to complete assessments at home within a designated time frame.

Teachers will be in regular contact with learners but should engagement reduce they will highlight this to Pastoral Care who will contact home.

Parents and carers AND pupils should be patient with feedback on work as teachers are still working with large classes in school.

  Subject   Platform
  Art  Teams or Showbie
  Business/Computing  Teams
  English  Glow emails from teachers
  Home Economics  Showbie and Glow emails from teachers
  Maths  Glow emails, Showbie or Teams, Youtube Channel: Rosshall Maths Department
  Modern Languages  Glow emails from teachers or Showbie
  PE  Glow emails and shared folders on One Drive
  Performing Arts  Teams
  Science  Teams or Showbie
  Social Subjects  Glow emails from teachers
  Technical  Teams or Glow emails from teachers


Supported Study Sessions for Prelims 2020

Additional Learning and Teaching resources:


Scholar usernames and passwords can be obtained from your teachers

E-Sgoil Online Supported Study:

This resource offers Supported Study sessions and will also offer some on-line classes if you need to work from home.