Free School Meals & Financial Support Info

 Free School Meals, Clothing Grants and Financial Advice/ Support at Rosshall Academy

Free School Meals

There are 2 ways to apply for Free School Meals:

  1. Online at the link below. You will need to set up a ‘mygov’ account and follow the instructions to apply. 
  2. On paper– The application form can be downloaded, printed and sent off. You will find the from here

Note- If you applied for Free School Meals after Primary 3 (ie Primary 4 and above) you do not need to apply again- pupils will have access to Free Meals until the end of secondary school.

However, you DO need to apply if:

  • You are new to the school and have moved from a different council
  • Your personal circumstances have changed and you would now like access to Free School Meals
  • You have arrived from another country
  • You are an asylum seeker

Clothing Grants

Are applied online using the same process as Free School Meals:

You will find a clothing grant guide here


Gemap Financial Support + Advice

Additionally, at Rosshall we have a partnership with financial advice charity Gemap ( and we are happy to support you with any financial query you have, whether managing debt, seeking advice or simply unsure how to complete forms.

You can contact Sharon at Gemap directly via the methods below.

Tel :   0141 773 5850 

Mob : 07395832499


Gemap can also arrange a translator, should this be required.

You can also contact Mr Clelland (Principal Teacher of Family Engagement) at the school if you would rather speak to a staff member: