College 2022

College Application Support (Updated 11th Jan 2022)

It is really important that you apply for college as early as possible, despite the current lockdown. Below are the date that college applications open for each local college. I (Mr Clelland) am here to support you and can be found in pastoral care or via glow email, as are Alison and Amy, our school careers advisors. Our address are below.

Clyde College: TBC

City of Glasgow College: TBC

Kelvin College: TBC

West College Scotland: TBC

If you plan to apply to any of the colleges, please register with them now as their systems can struggle when applications open. Make sure you have accessed some of the supports below:

Below is a video walkthrough of applying to college (note- can take a while to load). Please take some time to watch and feel free to skip to the relevant bits for you.

Below are two PowerPoints regarding applying for college. The first breaks down the different levels of college qualifications and the second is provided by the careers advisors.

Mr Clelland:

You will also find the address for Amy and Alison, our SDS Careers Service advisors who are also available to answer questions and support:

Amy Todd:

Alison McLean: