Digital Literacy and iPads

Rosshall Academy is thrilled to be well underway with our iPad roll out.

The iPads will be an integral part of your child’s education, as we continue to blend subject knowledge with skills for life, work and living. We endeavor to have all of our students digitally literate in order to best serve them in an ever evolving, technical-based jobs market.

iPads will not make traditional learning obsolete, but will compliment regular teaching methods as they explore new ways to engage with knowledge, and more engaging ways to develop their understanding. Screen time will be monitored and will always be a forefront concern at Rosshall.

All students will be issued with an iPad in a durable charcoal grey case (which it is not to be removed from, and stickers must not be placed on the cover itself). They will also receive a  charger and USB cable. The iPad is on loan to your child until they leave the school, when it must be returned to Ms Lamont.

As we continue to work from Seniors downwards, it is important for all students and Families to read and sign the Acceptable Use Form. Students will not be issued with an iPad unless this form is filled out.

This informs students and families of the expectations we have of them when using their iPad both in school and at home. Please ensure both the student and a family member/carer read the whole form to understand the school and council expectations.

The student must be in attendance to receive their iPad, it cannot be given to a family member on their behalf. If your child misses their assigned session be assured they will be contacted by Ms Lamont and another time will be organised.

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Any further queries about iPads and Digital Learning should be directed to Ms Lamont or your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher.

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