iPad Roll Out- New S5 and S6 ONLY

Below is information on the iPad roll out.

The student receiving the iPad must attend the appoint unless otherwise agreed directly with Ms Lamont

Please note that for the moment this will only involve new S5 and S6 pupils who are returning to the school after summer (pupils who were S4 and S5 at time of school closure)

Please click on the relevant link below to confirm you can attend your allocated time. On the appointment page please read the time allocations carefully to ensure you select the correct appointment time.

If you cannot attend the time you have been appointed, please email Ms Lamont directly on gw16lamontsophie@glow.ea.glasgow.sch.uk and she will coordinate another time for you.

Please complete this form before attending the session. If we do not have confirmation that you agree to the Acceptable Use policy, then we will be unable to issue you with an iPad. The form is also available in a variety of languages by following this link.

When arriving for your iPad please enter through the main door, where hand sanitiser stations will be available. If you want to, 1 other person is allowed to attend with a student, to comply with social distancing rules. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your allotted time, as we will still be sanitising the tables and will not be able to let you in.

Students should come prepared with a memorable passcode for their iPad. This cannot be ascending or descending (E.g. 123456 or 654321) but should also not be easily guessed such as a birthday. Please also try to remember your school desktop Log in/Password (this can be reset on the day)  

Further information regarding the purpose of the iPads is available below.

Please do not come to school out with your agreed collection time – iPad deployment sessions will take approx 45 minutes and cannot be ‘handed over’ without proper set up.

New S5:

New S5 Surnames A – C

New S5 Surnames D – Goodwin (Inclusive)

New S5 Surnames Gray – Leslie (Inclusive)

New S5 Surnames Liddell – McFeat (Inclusive)

New S5 Surnames McGhee – Peacock (Inclusive)

New S5 Surnames Pritchard – Thomson (Inclusive)

New S5 Surnames Thomson – Z (Including VI Students)

New S6:

New S6 Surnames A – Gailey (Inclusive)

New S6 Surnames Gaire – L (Inclusive)

New S6 Surnames M – Patten (Inclusive)

New S6 Surnames Petrie – Wilson (Inclusive)

New S6 Surnames Wilson – Z (Including VI Students)



iPad Roll Out Information

iPad Roll Out (Video Explainer)