Uniform Controversy

What is more important, education or outward presentation? I’m sure that at the age of thirty-two the twenty Margate pupils sent away from Hartsdown School will look back with embarrassment at the row created regarding their uniform. On the 5th of September, however, their young teenage selves were outraged to be sent home because they were wearing suede shoes or not carrying a blazer. They believed that comfort was more important than uniformity. The head-teacher, Mr Tate, disagreed. He was of the opinion that uniform rules led to “better behaviour and improved grades”

A notice had been sent out to parents with details of the correct uniform and the pupils had been notified that they would not be allowed on site if they were not adhering to those rules. Personally, I believe that it was more important for the young people to learn obedience than it would have been for them to go in and spend a day studying Pythagoras’ Theorem and examining photosynthesis. Part of growing up is learning to respect those in authority. The head-teacher had laid down the ground rules. The pupils should have obeyed. Hopefully they have learnt this important lesson now

In general, I believe that having a uniform is a helpful idea. Wearing your blazer gives a sense of unity with all the other students in the school. Having different outfits for school and home separates the two environments. The uniform minimises the distinction between pupils from different backgrounds. It can be frustrating to wear the same colours for six years, but overall I think school uniforms are necessary.

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  1. It is so good to read a firmly stated opinion. I think that you raise some really important points here that allow us to further explore the tensions between the need for authority and encouraging a freedom of individual expression in school.

    I am a little bit conflicted about this whole question. Having been a teacher and now a parent I too share your views about the need for the school to be respected and how I think uniform looks smart but also can help to create a feeling of school identity. This then clashes with my thoughts about whether or not it impacts on learning or not and what the concept of uniformity can imply.


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