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Expressive Arts- Dance Workshop TDT 09/01/19

The dance workshop was quite intimidating to me at the beginning because I do not feel confident in dance, whether that be teaching it or doing it! I had expected the purpose of the class to be how to teach a routine to a class, and perhaps perform it. However, as the class got going I realised that there is no need to jump straight into performance or practicing for a show.

The first main point I take away from this practical is that it works just as well, and can be even more beneficial for the children, to take baby steps. Dancing doesn’t have to mean routines, practices or shows, it can simply represent an understanding of rhythm and sequence and how to apply creativity through body movements to music.

The second thing I have learned after this activity is that dance classes can come to life through the children themselves. With minimal prompts the pupils’ creativity can flow and they can soon grow the confidence to teach each other moves, routines and expressions.

The final main point I have taken away from the dance workshop is that dance is not, and should not be, a separated classroom activity. The concepts of music and singing are used often in classrooms and so too can be dancing. A dance video has many uses, from introducing to children an alternative way to express yourself, to a behaviour management tool- children will soon gather round with undivided attention to observe a video of professionals, or even other children, dancing.

I now feel more confident about teaching dance to a class because I have learnt that there are many tools and videos online, and also, providing I create an enthusiastic learning environment, pupils can really run away with instructions and bounce off each other to create an art form other than drawing or painting. I also love the idea that those who struggle to express themselves by speaking or writing can flourish and convey their emotions through movement.