Values Module Workshop

I was in the first workshop for the “Values” Module yesterday. I was bold and started seating at an empty table, trying to start my own empire! I thought the workshop was a great way to get across the points of fairness and exclusion. The workshop brought to light that; in group work, all groups should be provided with the same resources to handle any task given to them. I did however, also show that groups could be provided with varying resources but marking the results must be done in a way that looks at groups individually. It was Albert Einstein who said, “Everybody is a genius. But If you judge a fish by Its ability to climb a tree, It will live Its whole life believing that It is stupid”, and I believe it is quite relevant to what the workshop taught.

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From what I witnessed, all the groups worked really well together to create some great work – especially my group! Group 1 (with the most resources) created some amazing accessories out of paper, including a bag! I found it great to see MA1, as well as some of the Psychology students getting on so well and becoming a closer knot group.

I think I’m going to remember this lesson for a lesson plan in future, it was very well thought out and the acting by the talented Derek Robertson was phenomenal! It teaches a great message in an effective way, what’s not to love.

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  1. Derek Robertson

    Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully the experience will help you make even more personal sense of the issues that will be raised on the Values module.


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