Online Literacy Assessment (OLA)

I had my first attempt at the “OLA” today. After trying three times in my house the night before and having no luck I also had my first visit to the University Library.

I felt quite confident during the spelling section of the assessment as I’ve never really had a problem with spelling; however the words picked just so happened to be my worst enemies! I felt less confident however, identifying nouns and adverbs due my ignorance of their definitions.

I was slightly disappointed with my mark, however I after thinking about the situation; it is only my first attempt and now I know how the “OLA” works and I haven’t really worked with grammar since early Primary School. This made me feel better about my silly mistakes and has made me eager to improve.

I now know how to improve my score, and I hope to write about an improved performance in a few weeks time.

1 thought on “Online Literacy Assessment (OLA)

  1. Carrie McLennan

    I am so pleased you persevered, Ross. Those spelling words are there for a reason! I hope the OLA is useful to you and look forward to hearing about it again in a few weeks!


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