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Values Module Workshop

I was in the first workshop for the “Values” Module yesterday. I was bold and started seating at an empty table, trying to start my own empire! I thought the workshop was a great way to get across the points of fairness and exclusion. The workshop brought to light that; in group work, all groups should be provided with the same resources to handle any task given to them. I did however, also show that groups could be provided with varying resources but marking the results must be done in a way that looks at groups individually. It was Albert Einstein who said, “Everybody is a genius. But If you judge a fish by Its ability to climb a tree, It will live Its whole life believing that It is stupid”, and I believe it is quite relevant to what the workshop taught.

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From what I witnessed, all the groups worked really well together to create some great work – especially my group! Group 1 (with the most resources) created some amazing accessories out of paper, including a bag! I found it great to see MA1, as well as some of the Psychology students getting on so well and becoming a closer knot group.

I think I’m going to remember this lesson for a lesson plan in future, it was very well thought out and the acting by the talented Derek Robertson was phenomenal! It teaches a great message in an effective way, what’s not to love.

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Online Literacy Assessment (OLA)

I had my first attempt at the “OLA” today. After trying three times in my house the night before and having no luck I also had my first visit to the University Library.

I felt quite confident during the spelling section of the assessment as I’ve never really had a problem with spelling; however the words picked just so happened to be my worst enemies! I felt less confident however, identifying nouns and adverbs due my ignorance of their definitions.

I was slightly disappointed with my mark, however I after thinking about the situation; it is only my first attempt and now I know how the “OLA” works and I haven’t really worked with grammar since early Primary School. This made me feel better about my silly mistakes and has made me eager to improve.

I now know how to improve my score, and I hope to write about an improved performance in a few weeks time.

Why Teaching?

I haven’t always wanted to be a teacher. When I was young I wanted to be a comedian and that was that. I started to drift towards education in the latter years of high school; after I had begun thinking about all those who have helped inspire me, and after I realised I was a hilarious as a rock with a fake moustache.

I always tried to be the “advice giver”, in my past cliques. Either that or I forced people to listen to my opinions, I hope it’s the first option. I enjoyed being placed in a role of responsibility or helping out younger years in both Primary and Secondary school. I put 100% effort into anything I done and I feel that’s how I got where I am today, anyway this is just talking about myself.

I attach my desire to be a teacher solely on two role models I’ve had in my life; my Primary 5 teacher and a PE teacher I had in high school. My primary school teacher is the sort of teacher I think everyone should aspire to be. He was simply brilliant. He got the class engaged in lessons through his humour and enthusiasm, he kept his lessons exciting by using different ways to teach the class, and he became more of a friend than he did teacher. I remember going to him for advice on my nine year old “love life”.  I think this shows that a teacher that inspires as well as teaches goes a long way and this teacher inspired me to inspire others, and by my reckoning that’s a good thing.