Reflective Questions about Den Making

  • Group  and leadership
  • Within our group, we had a very informal leader
  • It just came about by someone taking initiative and thinking of ideas for our den, which we went along with
  • They were the leader as they came up with the decisions our group chose, and when they said we should add something, we did
  • I think this made our group work well, as we all played a part and got to make our own decisions at the same time
  • The most challenging part was communicating to people I haven’t communicated with before, but overall it was a good experience to have and has made me feel more comfortable talking to other people


  • Explaining
  • I think our group explained things well. We all helped out while explaining things to lessen the burden on one person
  • However, in doing so it could have made our explanation more unclear
  • One of the Ps we missed out on was planning. Whenever a group came for an explanation, we didn’t plan anything in advance just went straight to explaining it. Our explanation may have been more concise had we planned.


  • Environment
  • I think it made communication a little harder, as everyone in our group was scattered around the place. E.G. we couldn’t find our tape anywhere, but it was with a member of the group who was away off on their own gathering resources.
  • When explaining we could point things out, or elaborate easier as we were explaining a 3D object which we had made, so we went into more detail
  • It wasn’t necessarily more challenging to hear or talk to people as it was a relatively quiet day
  • I did not feel distracted by the environment when I was being talked to. In order to make it easier, however, we could ensure we are in a non-crowded area so that there are fewer distractions like leaves rustling or sticks


  • Negotiation
  • Our negotiations were successful. Within two negotiations we managed to get two building materials for free, while we traded some string for some pipe.
  • The challenging part was going about pitching your materials to the other group and trying to make it worth their time to listen to you

Overall this was a super fun group activity and I think it would be beneficial for younger people to do it too!

This is a photo of the den we built!

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