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Social Work Module

I am really enjoying my elective module, ‘Working together to achieve social justice’ as part of the Social Work course. There are lots of interesting ideas being shared within my study group that I can reflect on. It is interesting to work with Social Work and CLD students as I will likely be working with them in the near future.

We have recently been looking at collaboration; in particular collaborative advantage and collaborative inertia. By looking at two case studies, one which showed advantage and the other inertia, i feel like I was able to fully understand the meaning of these terms and will be able to use them appropriately in future academic response.

We are heading out to a placement on the 26th of this month, my group will be based at Baldragon Academy while other groups have different placements within the community. I am looking forward to being able to feed back what we have learned in the ‘world cafe’ presentations but more so to see what the other groups have to say on their placements.

The module is a really great addition to my core modules and I am glad I was able to change over. It ties in so well with things we are currently studying as well as some of the content in the online modules. I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks on the course.

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