Congratulations on your engagement….

Over the past few months, my interest in blogging on the e-portfolio has ceased to exist with my last blog post dating back to October. Even then, as I read through the page it becomes increasingly apparent to me that not one post is demonstrative of my passion, commitment and desire to do well within my teaching career. To an onlooker it may seem that I am underperforming, not engaging with the TDT’s set by lecturers and failing to show any insight into the world of teaching through reflection on external reading – but this is very far from the truth. I am continually inspired by what I am learning from day-to-day on the course, I just express this in different ways. I prefer a more creative approach than just words on a page, I feel as though when I am writing the blog posts I am just churning out information and thoughts with no real connection to the subject at the heart of them. I haven’t engaged with the e-portfolio because I have increasingly felt that it didn’t mirror my own creative style and therefor was not conducive to my learning – just a case of ticking a box set by the university.

Photo by Master isolated images. Published on 30 March 2013  Stock photo - Image ID: 100152582

Photo by Master isolated images. Published on 30 March 2013
Stock photo – Image ID: 100152582


However, our latest input on the e-portfolio really did get me thinking about how my own considerations regarding the online blogging portal were similar to the experiences of children within the classroom. Not all children learn in the same ways and this fact doesn’t dissipate as we become adults. When a child is struggling to learn in a certain way do you give up? No… You find new and interesting ways to engage the child in the subject area and help them to understand and enjoy what they are learning. To cut a long story short, I’ve decided to apply the same technique to my own learning in relation to my participation in the e-portfolio and find new ways to engage with the content of the lectures, workshops etc to allow me to feel inspired again. Expect colour, vibrance, pictures, videos, crazy mind-maps and scribbled annotations – when I am creative I am most engaged, and to develop as a professional and connect with my education I really need to get under the skin of things in a way that reflects my personal learning style best.

Photo by zirconicusso. Published on 07 September 2015  Stock photo - Image ID: 100356695

Photo by zirconicusso. Published on 07 September 2015
Stock photo – Image ID: 100356695

Congratulations, Miss Petrie – you are FINALLY engaged.


3 thoughts on “Congratulations on your engagement….

  1. Derek Robertson

    Very much looking forward to seeing how your new engagement progresses. Great post detailing how last week’s input has made you reflect and act on things.

  2. Carrie McLennan

    Lynsey, I am so pleased to see that you are considering different ways other than the written word in order to engage with the eP. I am very comfortable with the written word but I love seeing how others engage in different ways with their learning. By the way, I love your photo – suggest an adventurous spirit!

  3. Polly Ford

    I really liked reading this post! I have also been feeling like I haven’t engaged properly with the eportfolio, I never found it interesting or useful and blamed that on the blog rather than myself, but after reading this and taking some time to think I will take a page out of your book and change the way I’m doing things rather than just give up.
    Thank you so much for writing this!


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