July update

Hello – we hope you are well and will manage to have a break at some point during the holiday period.

We’d like to highlight some news that you may find interesting yourself and to bring to the attention of colleagues in your area.

The first is an update from SERA LiSEN on their plans for future activity. The network is looking to reschedule the postponed May event for early 2021 and is also considering hosting online twilight sessions to enable colleagues to share research and discuss themed topics. You can find out more in the SERA LiSEN July Communication:

SERA Leadership in Scottish Education Network (SERA LiSEN) Communication July 2020

The second is the Creative Bravery Festival which is taking place online from 21 to 27 September. In summary, it is a festival of learning which celebrates acts of bravery and uses them to transform and rethink the way we educate. By sharing stories, gathering ideas and forming collaborations, the goal is to create a series of events, talks and resources which will be launched at the Festival. You can sign up to a newsletter for the latest information and there are weekly online campfire sessions where ideas can be shared to discuss more fully at the Festival.

Lastly we’re really pleased to confirm that we’re planning an online SPLN event for 7 October and we’ll be sharing more information on that soon.

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