Top Five Tips for Moving


1. When you get your timetable make sure to keep it safe or even make a copy in case it gets lost! Don’t worry, if you do lose one you can just go to the office and they’ll give you a new one!





2. Make sure you get in lines fast to get your lunch or you can pre-order your food at break.




3. Make friends from other schools! When you move up there are lots of new people which can be worrying to begin with but the more new friends you make the less people who you don’t know!




4. At lunch and break people tend to stay at the same table every day – try and find one for you and your friends as soon as you can! Make sure that the table is free though!


5. Don’t be scared! All the staff and pupils at DGS are helpful and friendly and are happy to help with any problems that you (hopefully won’t) face at our school!




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