Toward Primary – The Return of Forest Schools

We have finally started Forest Schools again. What can I say, we are all ecstatic. People were making swings, dens, fire and writing their names with sticks.

Recently the p7s made a ladder out of rope to get up to a gigantic tree, which worked. “Another group were making rules and making a swing,” said a p6.

A P5 was exploring new places in her den.

One of our favourite young assistants Miss Emmerson was taking pictures, supporting kids and helping with lighting the fire.

There was also a P6 that was helping with a den called the V.I.P Penguins.

Another teacher was lighting fires, bringing equipment and advice for knots. His name is Mr Wakefield.

Last week we toasted marshmallow and some people had smores. They were delicious but a couple fell on the ground.

Don’t worry we do have an interior decorator, safety monitor and a problem solver. The one and only Mrs Gerrish.

So now we’ve got you all caught up on the latest.

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