Lochgoilhead Primary – March Blog

On the 29th of January Linda came from Trossachs National park and told us that we actually live in the park. She told us about all the different animals in the park and how red squirrels are endangered and why. She then split us up into different groups and gave us different animals one group were given a fox tail, another deer antlers but the other two groups got some taxidermies of animals them being: an otter, and a weasel and a stoat we all had to learn different things about our animals. After that the primary sevens were to go outside and help put a camera up to hope to catch some wild life.

On the 12th February Stuart and Simon came from Ardroy to tell us about the John Muir award and who he is, we learnt that he invented the idea of the national parks. They drove a mini bus with them to bring us to the woods which are just outside the village. We split up into groups and made our own little national parks out of twigs, leaves and whatever else was around us. After we finished we took a walk around the forest and found a massive tree that was dead so it was black. While we were walking we also saw deer tracks and a few other things. On the way back we learned how to tie a hitch knot, but just before we were going back on the bus we all got some hot chocolate. We hope all this hard work will get us presented with the John Muir award.

The school has started to prepare for UK Waste Week. It spans from 5th – 9th of March. We are doing lots of activities online with EDF Energy website. We learnt about the three most wasted food daily by families in the UK it was bread, milk and potatoes! We will also be digging up a metre square area of grass to count how many worm there are. We will forward our data to EDF so that it can be added to a national data base for feedback and analysis.

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