Digital Technologies – Week 8

In todays Digital technologies session, we were learning about using mobile devices to enhance learning. We were able to look through online documents which explored the many opinions and facts based around the use of mobile devices as an educator and as a child with regards to its benefits within a learning environment.

Mobile devices play an extremely important role in primary education establishments. With the increased use of technology such as smartphones and games consoles at home, the technology skills and benefits they bring are endless to the child.

Children are now entering schools who are fully digital aware with research suggesting that six year olds have the same understanding of communication technology as forty five year olds. Through further reading I discovered the online article by the Telegraph which discussed how technology is reshaping teaching it stated that ” Over four in 10 households now have a tablet, meaning that children are becoming computer-literate before they’ve even started primary school… we’ve all heard about the techno-babies who can handle an iPad before they have learnt how to tie their own shoelaces”. (Curtis, S. 2014) As children nowadays have increasing use and access to mobile devices, their understanding and skills when using them are becoming very advanced from a young age, so it is very beneficial to a child when using this within their education as they have already had a head start.

In education establishments, technology can be used in many ways. Children can take part in electronic quizzes and submit their answers in a digital method. This means their answers are interpreted through a mobile devices in ways in which perhaps written forms may not have.

However, many teachers have different opinions to the use of mobile devices by primary school aged children. Through reading an online article by the teaching times it was stated: “39 per cent of teachers stated that children should not have access out of school to mobile phones, while another 29 per cent of teachers said the ideal situation would be if all pupils had access to a mobile. Schools also believe that children’s preference for technology both at home and at school is evolving quickly, just as technology is continuing to change at a rapid pace” (Scottish Government 2016).

Some children may have limited access to mobile devices at home, whereby possess a disadvantage when utilising technology in the classroom. In contrary to this, using mobile devices in the classroom may help to strengthen their technology skills and build up their confidence when using it in the future if they gain access.

Today we explored Talking Tin and Easi Speak microphones, creating “I am…” poems using the Easi Speak Microphone. This poem consisted of a series of  sentence starters and prompts in order to create a poem that was interesting and unique to the individual. Once we had created our poem it was to be recorded through the Easi Speak microphones. Once it was recorded, the Easi Speak microphones were plugged into the computers and each line of our poems was uploaded to Microsoft Powerpoint and placed on a slide with a picture using the Pixabay website, which is a free to use copyright free website which will be so useful to me as a teacher in the future when creating resources. I have linked the poem below:

I am poem – bethany and orianne

The outcome within the Curriculum for Excellence which  linked to this task was “I can explore and experiment with digital technologies and can use what I learn to support and enhance my learning in different contexts. TCH 1-01a” (Education Scotland 2014).

I found this as a learner an excellent resource for learning and I enjoyed taking part in the task. I will definitely use The Easi speak microphones as a teacher in the future as I feel that this is a very good use of exploration of different digital technologies and is an excellent resource to teach the concept of recording and also links in with using different digital platforms such as Microsoft Powerpoint to help showcase our work. This enables the enhancement of a child’s digital skills and learning how to use technology in a range of different scenarios and contexts. It also helps to reinforce the idea that mobile devices should be used within education establishments as it really does help to enhance a childs overall learning experience.


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