Situated Communication Study Task – Feedback

After watching the video with my group (Bethany and Shauna) we compared our notes which were closely affiliated. From watching the video, we viewed the teacher as speaking at a suitable volume and pace while using language appropriate to the age and stage of children in the group. However, from the video, it was recognised that he was sitting down and due to this negative portrayal of his overall body language, there was a lack of attention from the class. As discussed in our group, we thought that an area of improvement would be stand up as this will be more convincing for the children of his stance and key signal of authority. The teacher therefore has areas of improvement in the non-verbal communication. From this video, we realised the importance of reflecting and receiving feedback on your practice.

Throughout the video, I was really shocked that the teacher did not stand up in front of his class, to the point where the classroom environment was relaxed and this is possibly why he struggled to gain the children’s attention. Whilst conducting these tasks, I did not struggle. I enjoyed watching the videos as it will help me with my own practice. I am clear upon the differences of feedback and judgement.

I did not find this study task difficult, instead I found it useful as I will take this experience of observation forward to placement which will assist personal reflection and peer observation.

I am looking forward to placement as I enjoy being in a classroom environment. I have always had positive experiences throughout my voluntary placements throughout high school, so I am looking forward to further observe new and exciting teaching methods which I can reflect upon and put into my own practice.

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  1. Well done Orianne – you’ve clearly benefitted from this task and now have new knowledge to take into placement – good work! Thanks for including the references – a very good habit to start.

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