Acorn Room 🌳

A few of our little Acorns were observed exploring the Rotational Schema. “Schemas are behaviours that children go through when they are exploring the world and trying to find out how things work” ( ) please have a look at the website attached for more Schematic play information.

. The Rotational Schema is an interest in objects that turn.

The children watched the washing machine on a cycle. We provide resources for them to roll, like balls in paint, cars on the ramps and water cogs. We provided wind mills, bikes and balls for outdoors. The children were keen to make marks with the rollers in the play-dough we made, a child made a “ball” then “roll, roll, roll” (rolled it). The children were observed making “mud cakes” in our mud kitchen, a few children chose to make cakes mixing and measuring.

Our little Acorns were showing an interest in nursery rhymes. The children were keen to learn the actions to familiar songs. The children painted a box and created their own bus to sit in while we sang the “Wheels on the bus”.

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