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We are learning about persuasive and discursive writing this term in Room 20.

We decided to practise these styles of writing using some current news topics. One topic that stood out was the #freecuthbert social media storm that has taken place over the last few weeks.

To sum up, supermarket M&S decided to take legal action against Aldi and the Cuthbert the Caterpillar Cake, claiming it infringes their trademark rights as it is VERY similar to M&S Colin the Caterpillar Cake (the original).

This story may have gone unnoticed or been quickly forgotten about if it wasn’t for the tweets posted by Aldi, which were very funny!

We looked at the story from both sides and argued point for and against this legal action.

Some pupils were on M&S’s side, as it was their idea first and Colin had been raising money for cancer charities since he came out in 1990, so it was worth paying that little bit extra.

Other pupils were on Aldi’s side claiming this to be a silly argument about a cake! Also why were M&S only picking on Aldi, all of the other major supermarkets have their own form of caterpillar cake too!

The pupils then honed their argument after choosing a side and wrote a persuasive letter to either Aldi, asking them to stop selling Cuthbert or change the design, or M&S asking them to stop their legal action.

The pupils loved this task and the discussions we had were absolutely brilliant. The letters they wrote were also fantastic. Some pupils even created some #freecuthbert persuasive posters to go around our school, to help rally support for their cause.

The children loved this task and it really helped them to further develop their discussion skills 😀


One Comment

  1. sounds like you all had fun discussing this one.

    Was there a winner who persuaded the other side or did you agree to disagree?

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