Last week in Room 4, the boys and girls had a great time at the pantomime, Pinocchio. We laughed, danced and it definitely put everyone in the Christmas spirit. A great day was had by all.

Thank you to all parents and relatives who attended our Christmas Nativity ‘Superstar’ this week. The children did so well remembering their lines and songs and performing twice in the one day. They were all Superstars – well done everyone. Thank you for preparing the children at home by practising their lines and for bringing in parts of costumes. It was a great help and greatly appreciated.

On Wednesday, the children came into school wearing their Christmas jumpers to raise awareness of the charity, ‘Save the Children’. We discussed the work of the charity and the children also got to design their own Christmas jumpers which were very inventive indeed.

The boys and girls were also treated to a delicious Christmas lunch on Wednesday. The turkey, steak pie and vegetarian option was a special change for the children. For dessert, there was also the option of a choc ice. The smiles on faces equated to happy tummies all round.

In amongst all the Christmas festivities, we have been continuing to learn more phonemes in our Literacy blocks. This week we learned the ‘o’ sound. The children were able to think of lots of ‘o’ words such as, octopus, orange and even some of the boys and girls noticed their names have an ‘o’ sound, ‘Ollie, Hollie and Poppy’ to name a few. We practised the formation of ‘o’ by writing in snow with candy canes, rice, sand, on whiteboards and rainbow writing. We are becoming very confident with our phonemes and can’t wait to learn more after the Christmas holidays.

Now that we are into December, the boys and girls know that a special someone is particularly keen to see how hard we are working. On Monday, Snowflake came to visit us in Room 4 and told us all that he will be reporting back to Santa about all the hard work going on in Room 4. However, Snowflake is not a normal elf, he is very mischievous. He has been eating our candy canes, having snowball fights in our library area and also zip sliding across our classroom to name a few. However, on Friday he left us an important note from Santa, confirming that he knows we have all been working really hard in Room 4 over the last few months, yippee. I wonder what Snowflake has been up to over the weekend, we shall see on Monday.

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